Apr 21, 2016 08 00 PM EDT
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ANGER: Sacred Fuel for Transformation

In this free 90- minute training, Heather Waxman will show you how to use anger to transcend your fears, transform your thoughts, and truly heal!

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ANGER: Sacred Fuel for Transformation

Join Heather Waxman for this incredible one-night-only free training ANGER: Sacred Fuel for Transformation!

In this free training you will learn:
  • Why anger is sacred
  • How jealousy + anger are closely linked (and why jealousy is a precious gift too!)
  • How to use is anger to transcend your fears
  • How to use anger to transform your thoughts
  • How to use anger to heal your mind, body, and soul
I'm holding nothing back (you know how we roll up in here) and will give you incredible practices, tools, and Divine transmissions straight from our hearts to yours. You will walk away with a clear, focused, and mystical plan to master your anger.
The intention here is two fold: 1.) to inspire you to RISE and let your brilliance unfold by stepping up and choosing to master your anger which inevitably helps you step into your personal power and 2.) to help you decide if Dig Deeper, Fly Higher is for you.
We can’t wait to see you on TONIGHT!
All my love,
P.S. - Dig Deeper, Fly Higher is OFFICIALLY open for enrollment and closes TOMORROW at 3:00 p.m. EST! I can’t wait for this Monday 4/25, when we embark together on this incredible soul-stirring journey of fear mastery. You can click here to join us for the course.

P.P.S. - Many of you have asked if I’ll be opening up DDFH again this year and the answer is no. I will be re-opening next year around the same time, so this is the only time you can access the course this year!
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  • use hashtag: #AngerSacredFuel
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